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Bunny and Wee Bunny (b.31 August 2009)

I started playing around with bunnies in the morning, as it's been a long time since I last attempted one, and I've been wanting to have another go for a while. The large bunny measures 3cm wide and 3.5cm tall (to the tips of his ears). He works better having some paws, and has a certain cuteness to him.
Wee Bunny was a bit of fun using the clay left over from the larger bunny. As a result, he's a diminutive 2cm wide and 2.5cm to his ear tips. I didn't have beads small enough for his eyes, so these are made out of dots of black polymer clay. I will work on a range of colours of these Bunnies as I approach my first craft fair (more news on that shortly!)

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