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Small Black and White Rainbow Cat (b.20 August 2009)

I had some scrap clay after cutting the chequer board canes, and so I decided to use that to create a stripey black and white cat. I think the stripes have worked out pretty well here, although once again I forgot to put whisker and paw markings on.

I'd welcome any thoughts on whether the cats look better with or without markings.
I will experiment with different ways of creating stripes - although it is basically a random process, there are ways of guiding the stripes to a certain extent, and with this Cat, the effect is very different from the ginger Rainbow Cat. In this case, I used long, thin strips of colour and rolled them up into a ball. With the ginger cat, I twisted together two ropes of clay, repeated the process a couple of times, and then rolled the resultant snake into a ball-shape.

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