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Small Millefiori Cat (b.19 August 2009)

This wee mite is a little smaller than the rest, standing at 2.5cm tall. Here I covered a core of scrap clay with thin slices of a millefiori cane I made a couple of weeks ago.

The cane is made up of a blue core, surrounded by three 'petals' of red/blue Skinner blend (where you create a graduated colour sheet from repeatedly rolling two or more triangles of clay through a pasta machine) rolled into bullseye canes. Then I added purple rolls to surround the pattern, and reduced the cane down several times so the resulting pattern was small and delicate. I made the ears and tail from thicker slices of the cane, and you can see how the pattern extends through the full thickness of each slice.

I think this looks a bit like a leopard print, which is quite appropriate for a cat!

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