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Purple Moonscapes Nos 1, 2 & 3 (6 August 2009)

No 1 (5cm x 2cm) After the initial landscape attempts, I had lots of wonderful snippets of interesting patterns left over. I spent about 2 hours experimenting with different effects, and then three panels looked as though they were moonscapes as highlights of colour appeared.

So I added a tiny ball of pale clay and rolled it out as carefully as possible, to avoid distortion of the circle. These will make great card toppers or small pictures - with this technique, I have managed to create a painted effect similar to encaustic art which I just love.

No 2 (2.5cm x 2.5cm) This nearly didn't make it as a finished panel because the disc became very distorted when I rolled it out. By this time, the clay was over-conditioned, and on a number of occasions I had to put the clay in the fridge to cool it down. Here, I pulled the edges of the panel to correct the distortion, and at the last minute I decided to bake it and see how it turned out. I rather like the effect of not having completely square edges.

No 3 (3.5cm x 1.7cm) By this time, the useable panels were getting smaller and smaller, but I wanted to experiment with putting tree shapes into the landscape. Here, I added a couple of tiny strands of scrap clay, one of which was slightly twisted, and then hand rolled them lightly into the panel. I think the effect is a little chunky for the size of panel, and I'm working on ways to incorporate inclusions to suggest detailed and delicate landscape features.

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