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More Piglings (b. 6 August 2009)

I was in town on Tuesday and bought a 350g bar of Fimo Soft in flesh pink (#43). I really hadn't been convinced by the colour (or consistency) of the SuperSculpey - it really ended up a bit dark for the piglings.

But I knew as soon as I saw the large bar of Fimo that this was just the right colour. I'm delighted with the way these have turned out.

I tried a couple of different variations, and the pigling on the far right has 4mm black bead eyes, rather than the usual 3mm (close up of this pigling in this photo). I managed to line up the nostrils with the eyes with the ears, quite by accident, and I think this has resulted in the best facial layout I've found so far. This pigling measures about 3cm (just over an inch) from ear tip to ear tip, and the smaller version is about 2.5cm. I think making more of a distinction between the two sizes will work better.

And this is the Ascent of the Piglings! Going from left to right, it shows my first effort and all subsequent experiments using different clays. I am sure my experiments will continue, but I think I've finally hit on the shape, colour and composition that I like best.

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