My new website can be found at http://www.quernuscrafts.co.uk/

Quernus has a new online home!

15th November 2016

Well, the time had to come one of these days! I've now launched a brand new website for Quernus, which has everything under one roof - info, shop, blog, events - the whole shebang!

Here's the link to the new site, which is just the same website address as you've been used to over the years:

This move has been a long time coming, really - I started this blog way back in 2009 primarily as a way of charting my creative journey after I gave up my job as a lawyer. Since then, I've tweaked this blog to within an inch of its life, I've set up lots of social media sites, as well as a separate shop, and I've basically used this blog as a signpost to give people the information they need about all things Quernus. I'll leave the Blog Archive here (just on the right hand column) so you can still browse through all my past posts - there are some interesting things in there!

I'll also leave the link to the Feedback page for all historical feedback - I've now got a new Guestbook page over on the new website if you want to leave comments :)

The first wee creature I ever made was Pigling - and the Quernus wee creatures have come a long way since then! My technique has improved with the making of thousands of wee creatures since then, although the style has stayed remarkably true to itself :)  It's good to reflect on the journey I've been on, and the move to a new website is the start of another wonderful chapter!

Pigling the First - made 23 July 2009

Little Millefiori Armadillo - made 10 November 2016

See you over on the new website!

Quernus has a new home!

15th August 2016
After 7 years working from home, I've now moved into separate workshop studios. I've charted the whole process in pictures on Facebook, and I've also made a short video tour (about 1 min 30 seconds), which you can watch here.

I'm based in a turn-of-the-century factory in Rochdale (near Manchester), just north of the city centre. It's quite a landmark, even though I only have a very small section of it, buried in the ground floor next to the loading bay! But it's perfect for me and Zeus - there are plenty of lovely walks near by and I'm very much enjoying exploring a new part of the world again.

I have a purple front door! This tickles me no end :)

Part of cycle path 92 just next to my workshop. Gorgeous!

After a few weeks of unpacking and sorting things out, I'm now back in the swing of things, and tickets will be going on sale shortly for the next events (a Penguin Mini SQE on Tuesday 16th August and SSQE #7 on Monday 29th August, both at 9pm BST). I'm so inspired in my new space and I can't wait to get started! (For more information about how these events work, see the How to Buy page.)

And here are some of the first wee creatures to hatch in my new workshop - these Little Pastel Daisy Penguins appeared in my shop yesterday as Random Creature Listings, and were sold out in a few minutes! Just as well I have so many more ideas bubbling away for RCLs, as well as to the events ;)

I have created a separate photography studio in my workshop where I can take photos of the wee creatures using a Lightcase, which I've had for a few years since their crowdfunding campaign, but which I've never had the space to use before. It's wonderful, and with the natural daylight bulbs and IKEA worklamps, I now have the ideal set up!

And of course, my workshop wouldn't be my workshop without Zeus, who has been my constant companion for over two and a half years, and we're spending even more time together now, because there aren't any coffee shops nearby!

Quernoholics Anonymouse!

19th February 2016

Following the success of the secret Facebook group I have set up just for the Super Secret Quernus Events (see How to Buy for more details), I have now set up a larger Facebook group which anyone can join called Quernoholics Anonymouse :) This is a group for fans of the wee creatures, and is a great place to post pictures of your collections, display ideas, have a chat with fellow fans, ask me questions and make suggestions. At the time of writing, there are over 260 members and dozens of photos posted - it's a lovely place to hang out!

Creature Events - The Conclusion

18th January 2016
Happy New Year! I hope you've all had a relaxing time over the festive period, and you've kept safe and warm (or cool, depending on where in the world you are!)

After my last post, I've now had a chance to review how the Random Creature Listings worked in the run up to Christmas, compared to the Creature Events, and I've had some wonderful feedback from you all - thank you!

Creature Events - A Review

Jane Austen Mouse reviewing the Creature Events

18th November 2015

First of all, I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has adopted a wee creature during these Events, and for making each of them a total sell out, usually within an hour of opening my shop. It really means a lot to me that you love the wee creatures as much as I do!