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Tall Purple Millefiori Cat (b.25 August 2009)

After a weekend away with no outlet for craftiness, I pretty much spent the whole of yesterday sat at the dining room table coming up with lots more cats.

I wanted to continue experimenting with using cane slices, and for this cat (which stands just over 4cm tall), I used reduced slices of the cane I had used for this earlier Millefiori Cat. I reduce the main cane down to a long, thin cane, then cut that into seven lengths and placed them together into a flower formation. A thin sheet of purple clay round the perimeter formed the border, and I reduced down the resultant cane. I'm always amazed at how much detail is preserved even when the pattern hasbeen shrunk down so much.
I'm not sure why this cat is tall - he just came out that way. However, I do like having a range of cat shapes, so I'll play with that some more.
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