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Tall Rose Millefiori Cat (b.25 August 2009)

I woke up yesterday working out in my head how to create a white cat covered in roses, as there's something very appealing about the idea. So I set out creating a rose cane, which I did by layering dark red, red, and pink in alternate layers, then rolling it up into a jelly roll cane, and adding a length of green clay as the leaf. The cane was finished off with a thin sheet of white clay as a border.

I then reduced that cane and cut it into five equal lengths to create a 'bouquet' of roses, and then reduced that down. Overall, I think the roses are a bit on the small side, and then tend took a bit more like strawberries! Next time, I'll make the roses a little bigger, with more space between them. I think I will aim for a simpler rose shape as well - the jelly roll method worked to a certain extent, but turned out to be a bit fussy.
This cat is one of my taller creations and measures nearly 5cm.

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