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Tall Spotty Cat and Small Spotty Cat (b.28 August 2009)

After spending most of Thursday exploring Folksy.com (and lovingly fussing over my shop like a mother hen!), I got up at 7am on Saturday to get down to some proper crafting. I made this pair of Spotty Cats as a present for my good friend Jo's 30th birthday.

The tall cat is pretty large by my standards - he's 6cm tall and 2.5cm wide. The small cat is 3.5cm tall and 3cm wide (he's rather chubby!)

I used a sapphire Fimo Effect clay for the tall cat, and a deep fuschia for the small one. After making the body, I rolled out a thin sheet of the fuschia clay and cut out over 30 small circles. I applied these carefully to the body and then rolled it to make sure the circles were all properly incorporated and bedded in. I repeated the process in reverse with the small cat, and once they were baked, I applied a coat of satin varnish. This really brings out the metallic sheen of the blue clay, and adds an extra layer of protection.

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