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Small Purple Millefiori Cat (b.19 August 2009)

I had another go at making a cane last night to use as a veneer for another Rainbow Cat. I went for a pansy-type flower, with a fuschia core, and alternating purple and lilac petals.

I then used a thin sheet of deep purple clay as a border and reduced the cane down. The resulting cane slices are rather nice, I think, although it would also work with smaller flowers, given the size of the Cat.

One option is to cut the cane into small sections and gather those together to make a larger cane. Reducing that cane then results in clusters of smaller flowers. I attempted this in the first cane I made, which I used to cover the first Millefiori Cat.
By having smaller flowers within a larger cane slice, this may make it easier to cover the clay core. Once the slices are applied, it's important to blend them carefully into each other so there are no gaps, and it looks like one continuous surface. I will experiment with varnishing the Cats and see whether that helps.
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