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Small Chequered Millefiori Cat (b.20 August 2009)

Having stayed up till 11.30pm playing around with colours and cats, I woke up this morning wanting to try out something new. And here it is! Creating the chequered pattern was fairly easy - I rolled out two sheets of white and black clay, put them on top of each other, cut them in half longways, and stacked one half on top of the other half.

This created alternative stripes. I then cut long strips from the stack and created a chequer board effect by stacking the strips on top of each other and side by side, alternating the white and black squares. I ended up with a cane with 4x4 alternating black and white squares. I didn't need to reduce the cane at all, and simply cut thin slices from the cane and pressed them to a core of scrap clay. Ears, face and tail were applied as usual. (I forgot to put whisker and claw marks on the cheeks and paws this time - I guess it's good to have alternatives, but on balance I prefer having the markings.)

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