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Abstract Purple Landscape (6 August 2009)

(6cm x 6cm) I mounted this abstract panel (which bears a passing resemblance to Munch's The Scream) in a triple fold aperture card for my cousin Hannah's wedding. The original plan was to use one of the purple landscape panels, but this turned out so well that I decided to use this.

Once I had selected all the useful bits for the other panels (see below), I gathered up the scrap clay and pressed it together. Then on a whim I decided to see what would happen if I rolled out the scrap clay, and this was the amazing result! The actual rolled out panel was quite large (at least twice the size it is now), and so I used the aperture to select the best pattern and trimmed a square to fit the card aperture. After 4 coats of matt varnish, the piece was finished and I stuck it into the aperture using double sided sticky tape. Although the panel is quite large, because it is only 1-2mm thick, it is relatively light and works well in a card. I will be working more with this technique in the very near future.

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