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Winter Trees (8 September 2009)

Again with the trees! I am pretty obsessed with trees. They are incredible beings with so much grace, beauty and natural intelligence. And so I keep returning to creating them, and this is my latest idea.

This reminds me very much of Wedgewood pottery, with the clean white strands of white clay upon the cool lilac background. I love the depth achieved by bundling a number of strands together, and they flow to form both the roots and the branches. The panel measures 3.5cm by 6cm.

I tried a slightly simpler and smaller version with the red background, which has a more stylised feel to it than the organic flow of the purple one. This panel measures 3cm x 4cm.
I will be working with tree designs as I go forwards - it really is a recurring theme for me, and there so much scope for further ideas.

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