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Rainbow Cats (b.14 September 2009)

After spending nearly a week on making cards (somehow I managed to produce nearly 60 cards!), today I returned to all things feline. I got up at 7am, and after assembling a few of the abstract blue cards, I got stuck in. I'm off to Canada on 16 September for just over a week, so I wanted to get as much crafting in as possible before I went.

I started off with making up a heart cane, with a pale pink heart with a darker pink surround. After making this, I let it rest whilst I had a go at a new shape - the Roly Poly Rainbow Cat! These wee mites are a bit smaller than the Small Rainbow Cats (they measure 2.5cm tall and wide) and are completely round in shape. They are reminiscent of the first Wee Cat I made back in July, but have much more of what has become my standard 'Rainbow Cat' look. They're fun to make, and I'll add them to the range on offer at the upcoming craft fairs.

Next up, I mixed up some colours and came up with some rather luscious icecream-coloured Small Rainbow Cats. I love that they each have their own expression!

I also added to the standard Rainbow Cat range, focusing more on greens, blues and purples. There are now 11 colours from the rainbow spectrum, and I think they all look very sweet together! I recently got some gorgeous new colours from the Sculpey III range (on sale from Craftwise in Leeds - it's a great shop), so when I get back from Canada, I'll be making more on the red/orange side.

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