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More Wee Sheep and Wee Highland Cows (b.27 September 2009)

Finally got back to crafting after nearly a 2 week break - although Toronto was incredible, it was good to get back in the saddle again!

So I decided to spend a day with extruded clay and ended up with more Wee Beasties - Wee Highland Cows and Wee Sheep to be precise. These will be added to the inventory of stock for the upcoming craft fairs I'm going to.

I am very fond of the Wee Highland Cows - they are very simply made, although there are a bit time-consuming. Both Highland Cows and Sheep are made by the same method.  I roll out a small ball of terracotta polymer clay (or white for the sheep), and then attach a flattened piece of clay for the head. The horns and ears are attached at this stage. Then, I extrude lengths of terracotta or white clay, and attach each strand individually, leaving the strands for the face until last. The strands are usually at least two deep to make sure there are no gaps showing. The nostrils complete the look, and I create these using a large gauge knitting needle.

In between making these Wee Beasties, I experimented with a prototype Wee Owl - I'll be posting more about this soon.

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