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Bright Rainbow Cards (6 September 2009)

Making these cards really took me back to my childhood.  I have always loved rainbows, to the extent that I remember keeping a C&A bag for ages because it had a rainbow stripe down the side. I had even blu-tacked on my bedroom door (and I should point out that I was about 10 at the time) a handmade paper name plate in rainbow colours, with "RLE" after it - Rainbow Lover Extraordinaire. Of course.

With the exception of the two small cards, I used a thicker extruded clay to make the rainbow stripes. This gives a lovely chunky feel, complimented by the bright colours of the card. I have lightly rolled out all the rainbows except the one on the green card - I wanted to preserve a more stylised feel, and I think it looks like water pouring out from an unseen tap.

The half-hoop rainbows (without clouds) are just over 4.5cm in diameter. The upright rainbow is 4cm tall, and the large double-clouded rainbow 8cm wide in total.

For the two small blue cards, I used the thinner extruded clay used for the Black Rainbow designs. The designs are just over 3cm wide.

The full range of Rainbow cards is now available to buy at both Folksy.com and Etsy. com.

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  1. Love rainbows and clouds - of the white fluffy variety anyway, when they've lots of blue sky between them ;-) so my fave is the horizontal card.

    Like the fact you're doing different card sizes. Nice touch.