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Red and Black Abstract Panels (5 September 2009)

Here are a few more abstract panels I made on Saturday night.

I do feel that the red/pink strands against the black is very effective. With the left panel, I laid out strands of clay and lightly rolled them into the panel so the design was integrated.

With the right panel, I left the clay strands standing proud, and only varnished the black background to highlight them further. In both  designs, I love the fluidity and movement suggested by the strands - it's like a snapshot of an infinite flow or current.

With this heart card, I  love the simple bold shapes and colours. I initially started off with just the white outline of the heart, and then on a whim I added a red strand, which gives it more of a 3-dimensional feel. I'm thinking about creating more rune-type designs - it'll give me a chance to read up on some history as well!

The heart panel measures 4cm x 4cm, and the red and black panels measure 3cm x 3cm.

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  1. The 2-D effect on the card looks fanastic. It would have worked without it, but with it it really makes you look twice, even on the smaller photo (I've been clicking on the pics so get better views of the cart ;-))