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Black Rainbow Panels (6 September 2009)

I woke up on Sunday morning at 6am after dreaming of rainbows all night. So what choice did I have but to get up and make some rainbows!
Having loved the effect of bright colours against a black background, I started from there. I experimented with the prism effect of splitting the colours. On the right hand panel (which measures 4cm x 4cm), I left the 'split' strands lying on top of the background, and rolled the rainbow stripe into the clay to produce a two-level effect. It puts me in mind of crossing the plasma streams in Ghostbusters.
For the panels on the white cards, I had had this idea in my mind for a number of months. In fact, I had tried to create this effect using rainbow-coloured bamboo poles and a large black frame from IKEA several months ago, but without much success.
I cut out the black frames by using two sizes of square cutters, and then I laid out the rainbow strands across the back of each frame and attached them using liquid polymer clay. I only varnished the frames, leaving the rainbow stripes untouched. The frames don't have backs to them, so you can see the white card through the rainbow stripes. These panels measure 3cm x 3cm.

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