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Turquoise Window Cards (8 September 2009)

I had lots of fun playing around with the idea of creating a picture within a picture. I did think about using an aperture card and embedding the frame within that, but unfortunately the strands are a bit too delicate for that. Still, I think this the design works well as it stands.

This first picture reminds me of a portcullis. I created a loose woven effect by laying the strands in order, first length ways and then sideways. This design is more suited as a picture because it's so fragile, and so my next task is to mount it using a complimentary border of jade/slate green.

This design looks like a shuttered blind. I simply cut out the frame, turned it over, and laid strands of clay close together across the back. For the extruded clay, I roughly mixed the three colours I had been working with to create a variagated effect.

This last design was made by randomly placing strands around the frame and building it up until it looked like a game of Kerplunk at an advanced stage as seen from above!

Some of my other experiments with these frames weren't quite so successful. The less said about the Shreddie the better...

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