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Red Abstract Panels (5 September 2009)

I had  a bit of a breakthrough this weekend. I've not returned to the abstract panels since working on them a few weeks ago, mainly because I just couldn't see a way to mount them professionally on cards. Whilst I love the look of them, and it was so much fun experimenting to see what showed up, they felt as though they needed something else something more before they could be mounted on cards.

But last night, I started playing around with extruded clay and thicker square panels of clay (the earlier panels I'd done were pretty thin). It felt like it had been a while since I had a really good experiment with clay, having spent quite a while working with the cat designs (which has been loads of fun). So I found myself working on until nearly 11pm (poor Greg, we had to wait until then to eat dinner!) continually pushing the boat out to see what worked and what didn't.

I had so much fun with these, I couldn't wait to see what came out next - I had so many ideas, they were tripping over themselves! I have a strong sense that I have dug a little deeper and discovered more out about my creative side. I have always loved working with polymer clay because of its flexibility, but I have tended towards the 'cute' side, keeping my 'serious' work for other media, eg felt and wire. However, by combining a variety of techniques I have developed over the years, I have found a way of creating the sort of designs I really love (abstract, fluid, rich colours, etc) and which I am proud to call art.
So my next thought is to create mixed media collages using these techniques and to frame them. I have put these panels on cards for the time being, but part of me does not like the thought of these being given once and thrown away. I feel very attached to these four designs, and it may be because these are the first expressions of what feels like a new direction for me creatively. So I may well end up framing these and keeping them for myself - I'm sure there will be many more where these came from!
For those of you keeping score, the larger squares measure 3cm x 3cm, and the smaller squares are 2cm x 2cm. They are mounted on cream A6 cards. My absolute favourite one so far is the top left panel (second from the left in this picture). It reminds me so much of rich fire. This is the only panel which is unvarnished - the rest have a gloss finish.

Watch this space!

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  1. I love the 'fire' one as well! I also really like the effect with three panels on one card. Do understand what you mean about cards tending to be more 'disposable' than a framed picture.