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Small Spotty Millefiori Cat & Roly Poly Spotty Millefiori Cat (b.14 September 2009)

By 7pm , having been working on cats for 12 hours, I was getting a bit wired. So I really pulled the stops out and experimented with a spotty cane technique with turquoise and bright green!

I made the cane by wrapping a thin log of green with a thick rolled out piece of clay (making a bullseye cane). After reducing that down a bit, I cut the log into five equal segments and placed them together. I decided not to reduce them down any further, and so then started cutting thin slices and positioning them onto the clay core. It was easy to blend the slices because the pattern was so random.

When I get back from Canada, I'll try a number of different colours  with this technique - I think this could work for rainbow bullseye canes, and I'd also like to experiment with using Skinner blends (where different colours blend into each other).

The Roly Poly Cat was fun to make with the rest of the cane, but I'll need to remember to make the core clay smaller because the slices add to the overall size of the cat.

The Small Spotty Millefiori Cat stands 4cm tall and 3cm wide, and the Roly Poly Cat 2.5cm tall and nearly 3cm wide.

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