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Sea Blue Abstract Cards (8 September 2009)

After making the Rose Blush cards, I really wanted to try out blues and greens. So I took some time to mix several shades, extruded several strands, and then spent several hours playing around, trying out lots of different things, and generally having a really great time!

So great in fact, that I stayed up into the wee small hours just so I could "try one more thing". As a result, I made well over 30 panels, and I now have a wide range of lovely cards! Most of panels fall within a small number of groups, so I'll do a post for each group.

This first group of panels involves undulating strands of shades of over a dark slate green/blue background and is reminiscent of Celtic knotwork. There is a range of different styles and subtle shades, and the strands have both been left proud and rolled into the panel.

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