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Wee Smudge (b.10 March 2010)

Meet Wee Smudge, the first rabbit commission by Quernus. Many thanks to Laura Schofield for commissioning a miniature version of Smudge, along with Cookie and Jellybean (her two beloved, if hyperactive, hamsters). I'll be writing more about the hamsters next.

Laura was already acquainted with the Quernus menagerie after her friend, Steph, commissioned me to make up four wee horses for Laura back in December (click here for the original post).

Smudge was a standard sooty fawn rabbit with wonderful floppy ears. He's no longer with us, and Laura wanted a reminder of her wee bunny. This was one of the first times I used the refined fur technique, which is based on the Starry Night cane (click here for more details). After mixing up the clay and rolling it through the pasta machine several times, I tweaked the technique a bit. Once I'd stacked the slices together, I shaped the cane into a square and then reduced it until it was about 20cm long. I cut it into four equal lengths to stack them back together as a square cane. However, instead of lining up the sections so that the strands were perpendicular to each other, I had them all lined up in the same direction. This meant that when the slices of the cane were applied to the clay body and lightly blended, this created quite a realistic fur effect. And I just love his wee bobtail!

The end


  1. Awww....that wee tail is adorable! Lovely fur effect.
    I'm still exhausted after the weekend. Thanks again for visiting. How did the photos come out? I forgot my camera again on Monday so have nothing to do a decent blog post with. Any chance of getting one of yours?

  2. That's a really good fur effect, and I love his little bobtail too!