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Wee Eva (b.10 February 2010)

Wee Eva

Wee Eva was actually the first Wee Dog I made, way back in February at the request of Carey, that lovely lady from Harrogate, who had commissioned a whole menagerie from me. Wee Eva was destined as a birthday present in April, and so this is the main reason I've waited until now before writing about her.

The real Eva is a Hungarian Visler, a gorgeous dog who is apparently very hyperactive but very sweet with it! My main challenge was getting Eva's character while retaining the Quernus look, and I have to say that it took several attempts before I reached a design I was happy with.

The thing about dogs is that they are far more diverse than cats, and therefore it's really not possible to do a generic dog design, in the same way as I can with, say, the Rainbow Cats. So I focused on what Eva's primary characteristics were (her gorgeous ears, smiley mouth and long tongue) and brought them out in Wee Eva. I used Super Sculpey for her tongue (which is what I use for cats' noses and mole paws, and I finished off the look with a lovely black colour, complete with dog tag. Wee Eva's tail has been strengthed with a wire armature.

Thanks once again to Carey for setting me on the wee canine path - I have to say that I just love making up Wee Dogs now!

The End


  1. You've created a gorgeous pooch there again Kirsten. Your Eva looks so happy with her tongue lolling out and her bright eyes! And what a beautiful dog the real Eva is too.

  2. Hi Kirsten. Your wee dogs are just gorgeous. I love all the expression you get into their faces.
    Been down at the studio getting things ready today. Starting to get excited at the prospect of visitors to my creative space : )Hope you have a lovely week and weekend and look forward to meeting you.