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Scientist Cat (b.16 March 2010)

Scientist Cat was a special commission for Alison, who's daughter is graduating this summer with a science degree. Alison contacted me through the website, and when she outlined what she was looking for, my mind when into overdrive!

I decided to go for the 'mad scientist' look, with a mop of white hair, a bit like Doc Brown of Back to the Future fame (or Professor Heinz Wolff of The Great Egg Race). And of course, he had to have glasses, a lab coat, with a bow tie - he's actually got a pink shirt on too, but you can't see it very well on the photo. In his hands, he's carrying a test tube and a beaker.

I made the test tube out of a green bugle bead, on top of which I put a small ball of translucent clay.

I made the beaker using a round green bead, which I then covered with a very thin sheet of translucent clay. I also made the beaker stem with clay too, although that was a bit fiddly, particularly as translucent clay is very soft and hard to work with (ie it squishes very easily) - not a good quality to have when trying to attach a paw to it...

Scientist Cat stands 5cm tall.


  1. Great little character! And that wee test tube is excellent.
    Having a wee give away on my blog. Would love if you entered : )

  2. Wow, Scientist Cat is amazing; so much detail and so cute! What a great graduation present. x

  3. He's brilliant!
    Sure I saw him prowling round the dept the other day.... x