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Jess and Cinnamon (b.14 March 2010)

Meet Wee Jess and Wee Cinnamon! Commissioned by Andy as a gift for his parents, Andy got in touch with me through the website, emailed me some pictures, and I got started!

Wee Jess is a gorgeous black and white cat, with a white bib and partially white nose. It was just a case of getting the markings in the right place. For the bib, I applied a thin sheet of white clay cut to shape, and then blended the edges out to create a fur effect.
Wee Cinnamon was a little more challenging as she has the most incredible markings on her back.
Wee Cinnamon
I had to imagine what Cinnamon's markings would look like from above so I could translate that into clay form. I sketched out the markings based on all the photos that Andy sent me (thanks Andy!), and then plotted those on an overhead view. It was like piecing together a jigsaw!

The End


  1. They're so cute! You're very gifted woman, I'm impressed! I used to make something like that, but You're the best! Congratulations!;)

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I just do what makes me giggle - it's good to know other people appreciate my wee creatures too :)