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Wee Jellybean (b.10 March 2010)

Wee Jellybean

Along with Wee Smudge, Laura wanted miniature versions of her two hamsters, Jellybean and Cookie. Laura describes Jellybean as a "Me, me, pick me, love me" sort of hamster - having owned a hamster in the past myself, who was more of the "Come near me and I'll bite your hand off" sort, it was a pleasure to meet one of a more congenial bent, albeit in photographic form only!

Jellybean is not a good model. She won't sit still for a minute, as you can see from this action shot. As it happens, Wee Jellybean probably ended up more life size than miniature - she measures 5.5cm long and 2.5cm tall!

Wee Jellybean was fairly straightforward - it was more a question of getting her markings in the right place, and getting the shape right. I also wanted to include wee paws for her, as these are more evident with hamsters than rabbits. I made her ears from the wonderful Super Sculpey beige to give a translucent effect. And after positioning the sandy patches on her body, I blended the edges so that they merged more with the white body - helps to give a more furry effect.

Next up is Wee Cookie - watch this space!

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