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Wee Mice (b.7 May 2010)

Wee Mice

To continue honouring the rodential theme of the last few posts, I'd like to share with you my Wee Mice. I've been thinking about them for a while now, and they finally came into being at the end of last week! I started out with the traditional 'sugar mouse' pose, but then some of the wee mice wanted to look up at the sky, and thus the 'star gazing' pose was born. It was the same with colours - I started off with the grey mice, and then a brown one put his wee paw up to be made, and of course then I just had to make some white mice so they wouldn't feel left out.

Wee White Mice

I used the fabulous Super Sculpey for the inner ears, nose and tail, and once they were made, they all told me they were hungry. So I made them a wee piece of cheese. However, a few of them have eaten far too much of it and are getting a little tubby...

Who ate all the cheese?

The tallest mouse (the white star-gazing mouse) stands very tall at 2.5cm, and the shortest one is about 1cm tall. They made their debut on Saturday 8 May in Ilkley and proved to be most popular (they were very happy sitting on their very own display shelf - more on that story later!)

I'll be listing the Wee Mice (each one comes with his own lump of cheese) on Folksy this week!