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Wee Dog (b.1 March 2010)

Wee Dog

After thoroughly enjoying making Wee Niko (and another wee dog I can't mention yet - Wee Eva, a Hungarian Visler, is for a birthday present!), I wanted to try out some more wee dogs. So with a lump of scrap brown clay in hand, I decided to make up a wee Scottie dog.

Wee Dog is a bit smaller than my usual creations (I didn't start out with enough scrap clay!), and he only stands about 4cm tall. Once the basic shape was modelled, I gently pinched the side of the nose to create the beard. I also added a few tiny logs of clay above the eyes to create the eyebrows. Once all the extra bits of clay were blended in, I added his eyes and shaped the ears. I shaped the tail around some strong wire for an armature. I then took a scalpel to him (sorry - it really didn't hurt him, honest!)

Wee DogI created the fur texture by making tiny shallow cuts with scalpel. This was quite time-consuming. It was also important to keep the strokes going in the right direction to give a more realistic result. For example, I created a parting over his nose, and did upstrokes for the eyebrows and ears.

I have to say that the end result made all the effort worthwhile - I love the way his wee head is slightly tilted to one side, with an ear slightly cocked. I haven't got a name for him yet, so if you've got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I now just need to find a way of creating the same effect in a less laborious way...

The End

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