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Liberal Demo-Cat (b.23 February 2010)

Vote for me!
Lowri was one of my first customers. Way back in October last year, she ordered the Ultimate Rainbow Cat from my Folksy shop. And then in February, she bought a Custom Character Cat and asked if it would be possible to make up a Politician Cat, as her boyfriend was a great Liberal Democrat supporter.

Can I kiss your baby?
As soon as I got Lowri's request, I could immediately see a cat in a suit with a yellow rosette, holding a placard, and Liberal Demo-Cat was born! (Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for coining the name - that honour goes to Greg.)

I do like dressing my wee cats up! For the suit, I rolled out a thin sheet of grey clay, and then cut it into a strip about an inch wide, using a tissue blade to make it curved. This is because the body is slightly conical, and cutting the strip with a curve in it (like a slightly ironic smile), allows the 'fabric' to lie flat on the body. I cut out the lapels
Lib Dem logoand a thin strip for the collar, finishing off with small white triangle for the shirt, which I tucked behind the suit. A smart tie and shiny brown shoes finish off the look!

For my next trick, I worked on the placard. I made up the basic shape by cutting out two thin squares of black clay and then sandwiching them together with a yellow lollypop stick in between. Next for the logo. I really like the Lib Dem logo with its simple shape and elegant curves. I wanted to replicate that as closely as possible, so I rolled out some yellow clay very thinly and then cut tiny strips for the component parts of the design. Please bear in mind that the placard is only 2cm square, and so the logo itself was about 1.5cm square. Just as well I like working on a small scale!
The real Lib Dem logo

To attach the placard to the cat, I added a paw and lots of liquid polymer clay. Liberal Demo-Cat stands 4.5cm tall, and is 3.5cm at his widest (too many constituency lunches).

Thanks again to Lowri for commissioning Liberal Demo-Cat - in the interests of fairness and impartiality, I will now make up a Cat for each political party.

This ends the party political broadcast for the Quernus Party.


  1. Just seen this! We still very much adore our Liberal Demo-cat :))) He sits proudly on my b/f's computer - no signs of a David Cateron (groan) yet though ;)

    All the best,
    Lowri xxx