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Liverpool FC Scarf Cat (b.3 March 2010)

Hot on the heels of the Wizard of Oz Cats, the lovely Gemma also wanted to know if I could make up some presents for her two bosses, who are both opticians. One of her bosses is an avid Liverpool FC fan, and so the Rainbow Scarf Cat seemed an obvious choice for her, with some modifications.

I did a bit of research to find out what the Liverpool FC scarf looked like. I had no idea there were so many designs out there! There are away scarves, Carragher scarves, County fan scarves - you name it, there's a scarf for it! So I followed Gemma's instructions and made a red scarf with LFC lettering on it. I also added the white tassles using extruded clay, as that seemed more 'footbally' for some reason.
Liverpool FC Scarf Cat with Liverpool FC badge!

I also made up a small Liverpool FC badge for the kitty - this was a tad fiddly, but if you squint just a little, you can just about make out the dragon/wyvern shape in the middle! (And I apologise now if I've got the species wrong - I have no idea what's supposed to be in the middle of the LFC crest!) And because the cat was destined for an optician, of course he had to have a pair of glasses too!

Next time, I'll be introducing Wee Sam, the black labrador, which Gemma wanted for her other boss.

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