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Wee Unicorn (b.8 February 2010)

Wee Unicorn
Wee Unicorn was commissioned by Kate, aka Glamourpuss, for her birthday on 3 March - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!

Based on the wee horse design, Wee Unicorn is made from glitter white Fimo, from the special effect range. It's the same clay out of whichc I made the eponymous Glamourpuss, and Kate suggested I use this for the unicorn.

For the horn, I used a silver clay. All metallic clays have an interesting property called the 'mica shift' effect. Metallic clays have mica added to them, and when the clay is conditioned, the mica gets re-aligned. This can lead to a 'streaking' effect, where the mica particles aren't aligned, but by continuing to condition the clay by rolling it out in the same direction, these streaks can be removed as the particles realign with each other.

I wanted to use the mica shift effect to make the twists in the unicorn's horn. I rolled out a thin snake of clay, making it pointy at one end, and then twisted it. This caused the mica particles to spiral, forming lines in the clay. Simples! To attach the horn to the head, and to add extra strength, I cut a small length of thick wire to use as an armature, and finished the join with some liquid polymer clay.

Wee Unicorn measures just over 3cm from nose to tail, and 4cm to the tip of his horn. And I'm so fond of him that I think he may be the latest addition to the Wee Beasties range.

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