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Mole Family (b.28 February 2010)

Meet the Mole Family
I have a confession to make. I have fallen in love with Dr Mole. I love everything about him - the rotund shape, his moley paws, his furriness, his wee pink nose - basically, I am just a big fan of moles!

After making Dr Mole, I had quite a lot of the fur effect cane left over, and so I went a bit mole-mad and made up a whole family of them. And of course, being me, I wanted to see how small I could make them!

The largest mole stands 4cm tall, whereas the wee baby one (who is clearly very fidgety and just wants to go out and play) is just under 1.5cm tall. Making the paws for the smaller moles got quite fiddly, the beige Super Sculpey is just perfect for mole paws.

I took the Mole Family to the Ilkley Arts Market on 13 March, and sold them that day. I'm looking forward to making up the next batch of moles - they are just too cute not to be making a regular appearance!

Moli', molin', molin' - keep those moles a'molin'


  1. Oh these are brilliant! My son and two of his friends made up a puppet band called The Jack McMolers. The lead singer is a very life like puppet mole and we LOVE him. Your moles are perfect : )

  2. Oh my gosh the mole family is SO cute (>_<) so fantastic!!

    Sakura xx

  3. Ack - stop with the super cute things!

  4. Thanks peeps! The Mole Family have now gone to a good home, but it was hard to see them go - more Wee Moles are on their way!