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Wee Silly and Wee Molly (b.17 February 2010)

Wee Silly and Wee Molly
Carey, that lovely lady from Harrogate, asked for another couple of wee horses to add to her growing menagerie. Silhouette, whose stable name is Silly, and State Legacy, or Molly, belong to Carey's good friends and she wanted to surprise them with a wee gift.

Molly and SillyWee Molly and Wee Silly

Silly, a Skewbald, is Molly's mum. Molly is a bay, and both are just gorgeous horses. Molly has just had major surgery, so fingers crossed that she makes a full recovery.

I do enjoy making up piebalds (white with black markings) and skewbalds (white with any other colour marking). I've found that the coloured markings are often in similar places - large patches on the haunches, often with small patches at the belly, and also large patches on the chest. The mane and tail are often bi-coloured, as Silly's is.

To get the patches looking as natural as possible, the trick is to roll out a sheet of coloured clay very thinly, and then carefully tear out the required shape, bearing in mind that the clay will flatten out a bit when blended onto the body. The two colours in the mane are usually quite clearly defined, whereas the tale is often two-toned - Silly had a black core to her tail, with cream hair on the outside.

Thanks again to Carey for introducing me to these lovely horses!

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