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Sasquatch Cat (b.5 December 2009)

There has always been fierce debate about the existence of Sasquatch Cat. A cousin to the North AmericanYeti, Sasquatch Cat was rumoured to inhabit the remoter parts of the Yorkshire Dales, but until recently, the only evidence that he existed was in the form of this blurry photograph taken by a hiker who was surprised when eating his lunch one afternoon during a walk up Pen-y-Ghent.

But now Sasquatch Cat has come down from the hills and has allowed himself to be photographed properly for the first time. Contrary to rumours, Sasquatch Cat is in fact only 6cm tall and 3cm wide, so it is perhaps unsurprising that he has proved so elusive up until now.

Despite his fearsome appearance, Sasquatch Cat is remarkably gentle, and his sharp claws are only used to climb trees and bushes to escape from the prying eyes of ramblers. His long coat is a mixture of grey and white strands, and it is so unkempt that it keeps getting in his eyes. He has a luxurious tail which he wraps round himself at night when sleeping.

Sasquatch Cat's unexpected appearance can perhaps be explained by the request from Mickey of The Green Apple online shop for a cat which looks like a friend of hers.

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