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Daisy Cat (b.25 December 2009)

On Christmas Day, there was snow outside, which had frozen hard, the sky was grey and leaden, with the promise of more to come. My mind drifted to all things sunlighty and summery, and this was the inspiration for Daisy Cat!

I have some lovely bright colours in Sculpey III and Fimo Soft (although I have recently put in an order for Sculpey Premo! as it comes highly recommended for millefiori work. More on that story later...)

I was drawn to the sunshine yellow, as I had a very clear idea in my mind that I wanted the cat's head to be the centre of the daisy. I made up a cat in the usual way, and cut out twelve small petal shapes from a sheet of clay rolled out on the thickest setting on the pasta machine (special thanks go to my sister for giving me a new Atlas machine for Christmas!).

I then thought carefully about the best way to attach the petals to the cat, and came up with the idea of putting a green collar round his neck, similar to the green stalk of the dasiy. Each petal was attached with a dab of liquid polymer clay, and I then added thin lines to each petal using a scalpel. There is so much scope here for using cane petals, so there is likely to be a range of Flower Cats in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. Oooh, a range of 'flower cats' sounds very interesting. Can't wait to see!