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Hurty Paw Cat (b.28 December 2009)

This little kitten has definitely been in the wars! A commission from Jan, a good friend of mine, he is to be a present for a friend of hers who takes in all waifs and strays, particularly the ones who are on the poorly side. And so this wee kitten is going to be mewing at her door soon!

When Jan told me this story, I immediately pictured a kitten with a bandaged ear. I knew then that he was already made, and it was just a question of sitting down to bring him into being. Jan wanted a brown stripey cat, so I started off by mixing up a number of browns and beiges and blending them until I achieved a nice pattern.

I then rolled a very thin sheet of white clay out, and cut off a long, thin strip for the bandages. I wrapped this loosely round the kitten's right ear. I then had an idea to put one of the paws in a sling, which I did by  placing a small ball of white clay halfway up the body, and then winding a couple of strands of 'bandage' clay around the body.

(By introducing a third paw, this represents a bit of a departure from my usual 'two visible paws' policy. However, I think you'll agree that the kitten would have looked decidedly odd had he just had one paw on the ground.)

The look was finished by adding a small bandage to his tail, and he has a 'poor me' eyebrow above his visible eye - I just want to give him a hug!

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