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Dracula Cat (b.19 December 2009)

Dracula Cat dreamed up at the suggestion of my friend, Jo, with whom he is now happily residing following formal adoption proceedings (aka exchange of Christmas gifts!)

I based the design of Dracula Cat on the Count from Sesame Street - he had the most distinctive look to go on, although the white streak in his hair courtesy of Bela Lugosi.

I started off by making a body core out of black clay. Because I wantd to keep his palor pale, I then cut the body in half and used flesh coloured clay for the torso and head. This also ensured that there was no 'VPL' from his trousers!

Once the two parts were joined, I then added a thin sheet of white clay for the white shirt, covered by a thin strip of red for the cummerband. I then wrapped a sheet of black clay round him for his cloak, rolling the top over to form a high collar. A couple of white wing collars and a cold medallion completed the look.

For the hair, I rolled out a thin sheet of black clay and cut out the basic shape using a circle cutter. Once I was happy with this, I added a very thin strip of white clay, and then added black ears and tiny fangs to his chops (now that was fiddly!) A pair of shiny black shoes and some gloss varnish helped make Dracula Cat look as smart as he does dangerous, even though he's only 4cm tall!

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