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Psychedelic Millefiori Cats (b.13 December 2009)

Meet the Psychedelic Millefiori Cats! It's been a while since I did any canework (about 6 weeks), and I've been feeling the need to work on some new designs for a few weeks now. And I was presented with the perfect opportunity to do so when Debs, aka Prettygoods from Folksy (lovely shop - well worth a look!) bought one of the original Purple Millefiori Cats still listed on my Folksy shop.

Unfortunately, I had sold said Purple Millefiori Cat at a craft fair the week before, and hadn't updated my shop. Debs was very understanding about it all (it seems to be a bit of an occupational hazard for those of us doing craft fairs as well as running online shops), and it gave me a chance to make up some new millefiori cats. And it gave her a chance to have a say on the colours - lime green, bright pink and turquoise feature in her daughter's room, and I therefore obliged with these funky kittens!

I made up two separate canes using the pink and turquoise with reversed colours, and decided to keep green as the background. The two outer cats have been made up with a mixture of both canes, and I also used different sizes of the flowers to create a more random effect.

From the scraps left over from making the canes, I decided to experiment and made up a random cane wrapped in green. I'm rather pleased with the results, and these cats remind me of a chintz pattern. And that's got me thinking about using fabric patterns as inspiration for future designs - Laura Ashley, Liberty, etc. And one style I'm very keen to explore is retro patterns from the 1970s - there's something very appealing and nostalgic about those patterns (which was the main reason I fell in love with SwirlyArts' funky chicken!)

One other side effect of making these cats is my plan to make a Retro 1970s Afro Cat - I can visualise him very clearly, and I'll post a picture of him once he's come into existence!

Here's the full range of all the cats made from these canes - I still have lots of these flower canes left, so there will be more of these funky kittens in the future.

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