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Bearskin Cat (b.20 November 2009)

The latest addition to the Quernus Regiment has arrived! Bearskin Cat was commissioned by my good friend Jo, to join his friends Desert Army Cat and Jungle Army Cat.

Bearskin Cat has a lovely black furry hat courtesy of a large black pom pom trimmed within an inch of its life. (Take it from me when I say that trimmed black pom pom fluff goes EVERYWHERE.)

Bearskin Cat's hat is secured in place by a smart silver chain, and his uniform is trimmed with gold braid, with a smart gold buckle. His wee cat ears are hidden underneath the bearskin hat. His uniform is completed by a pair of very shiny black boots.
Bearskin Cat was made from a core of black clay, around which I wrapped a thinly rolled sheet of red clay. To make the bearskin hat sit snugly on his head, I had to remove the head (sorry), and leave a flat surface to glue down the  black pom pom. For the chain, I took a short length of a small silver chain and attached each end to the flat surface, hooking it under the chin. The black collar (trimmed with a very thinly rolled log of gold clay) helps to 'join' the hat and body.
He stands nearly 5cm tall to the top of his hat, so he's a little short to take part in next year's Trooping the Colour.

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