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Army Cat (b.1 November 2009)

Atten-shun!! Army Cat reporting for duty, suh!

Sporting the latest in desert wear, which no discerning Army Cat would be seen without, this rather chubby colonel is ready for anything - from his desert boots, to his utility belt, right up to his matching helmet.

I tried a new technique for making the patterned body based on my observations of how scrap clay behaved when I was using it for core. I conditioned several small balls of clay (champagne, tan, brown, etc.) and then randomly mashed them together into a ball, rolled it out a few times, mashed it again, and then rolled it into a large log. The slices taken from this log resulted in a random camouflage pattern, and were much easier to apply to the clay core than the normal millefiori slices. Once applied, I rolled the core in my hands to blend the slices, and this helped randomise the pattern even more.

The desert boots were made by placing two pieces of the usual paw shape on top of each other, and then rounding the edges. The helmet was a little trickier, as I had to hollow out a hemisphere to make it look more as though he was wearing it, rather than half a ball of clay perched on his head.

Watch this space for jungle Army cat, and work has also started on Bearskin Cat, who is aiming to take part in next year's Trooping the Colour!

Thanks to my good friend, Jo Howes, for sparking this rather militaristic turn of events with her commissions (appropriately named in this instance!)

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