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Barrister Cat (b.17 November 2009)

Well, it had to happen one day. All that legal training has seeped into my creativity, and I could resist no longer.

And so, my learned friends, may it please the Court to call Barrister Cat to the stand. He has been in my imagination for some time now, and after reminding myself of how a barrister's wig is constructed, I decided to use two different thicknesses of extruded white clay to create it. I also played around with doing a full white collar (they tend to have starched points too), but in the end, less was definitely more.

Barrister Cat stands at about 4cm tall, and after straying into the realms of larger cats (for example the Army Cats seemed to want to be bigger than usual), this was a welcome to return to daintier proportions. The most challenging part of the design was keeping the white clay pristine when it was brought into contact with the black clay - there wasn't much room for trial and error (pun entirely intended)!

I am toying with the idea of a Judge Cat with red robes and a more elaborate wig, and that has also got me thinking about period character cats - as always, watch this space!

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