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Santa Piglings and Robin Tree Decorations (b.28 November 2009)

After the success of Santa Cat Tree Decorations, I decided to make the rest of the range - so here are Santa Pigling and Robin Tree Decorations!

I made the Santa Pigling with Pigling, as I felt that Wee Pigling was probably a bit on the small side for a Christmas tree. After making up a Pigling (with only one ear!), I made the hat by cutting out a large circle from a thin sheet of red clay, and then cut it in half. I shaped the half circle into a wide cone (wider than for Santa Cats), and then applied liquid polymer clay to the inside rim to fully secure it the head. A strip of white clay created the fluffy rim, and then came the hardest part - screwing in the head pin! Santa Pigling measures nearly 4cm wide (to the tip of his Santa hat) and 3cm tall.

I next made a Robin tree decoration. Again, I felt that Wee Robins would be on the small side, so I made up a Robin instead measuring 4cm by 3cm. Robins are Christmassy enough without needing a Santa hat, but the red ribbon helps to add a festive touch!

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