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Army Cats (b.15 November 2009)

At the Made-It Craft Fair in Harrogate on Saturday, I met Diane and her sister, and they asked me to make up some military felines - an Army Cadet Cat (with black beret on the right), and a Royal Marines Cat (with green beret). And here they are

Having done a bit of internet research, it felt important for them to have badges on their berets, so after a bit of painstaking cutting and shaping, both Cats are now proudly sporting smart gold and silver badges!

Each Army Cat stands about 5cm tall. I tried a new technique to make the camouflage colour, which I think has worked out very well. I made up small amounts of four colours, and then tore them up into small random pieces. I then scooped up all the pieces into a ball, making sure no two colours were next to each other, and rolled it around a few times. The resultant slices were more random and less stripey than the early Jungle Army Cat, and I've also included more greens and browns, rather than relying too much on beige and fawn colours.

So these two will be shipped off to Hessay in York tomorrow, and I'm sure they'll whip Diane and her sister into shape in no time at all! In the meantime, I was so pleased with the camouflage effect that I made up another Jungle Army Cat for my friend Jo - and here he is!

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