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Anniversary Cats (b.22 November 2009)

Thanks to Julia for commission this sweet couple of cats for her anniversary on 27 November. I met her at the Made-It Craft Fair in Wetherby on 21 November, and she wanted something special and quirky to give to her husband. She came up with this design based on their relationship, and I had a lot of fun deciding how to do the hair.

I've been wanting to try out a cat with long hair for a while now - ever since I woke up thinking about doing a Mermaid Cat in fact! (Watch this space - this will happen one day!) I used a very thin extruded clay and applied long strands of it to the top of the head - I felt like a hairdresser. To keep the femine theme going, I didn't add on any 'chop dots' - small dots on the cheeks to signify whiskers.

(To digress briefly on this point, I am in two minds about chop dots. I think that not having them gives a softer more kitten-y impression, but that might just be me. Any thoughts on this? I'm going through a phase of not putting chop dots on my normal cats (I made up half a dozen last night after the craft fair) so I'm going to see what response I get next weekend at Castle Howard.)

The short spikey blond hair for the male cat was made by cutting very small lengths of yellow clay, applying liquid polymer clay to the end of each strand, and then placing it on the head. This has made the hair extremely strong and robust.

More commissions are coming in thick and fast - it's fantastic! It really gives me a chance to try new things, so please do get in touch if you have any particular requests!

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