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Six Sunshine Awards!

I have a spare moment to draw breath after making lots and lots of Wee Horse commissions (more about the latest addition to the Quernus Stables shortly!), and I want to say a belated thank you for the six lovely Sunshine Awards my blog has received!

When I came back from the States three weeks ago, I found that Tracy of Cinnamon Jewellery Bead and Wirework Designs had awarded me an Award. Tracy creates the most beautiful jewellery which combines beautiful stones with exquisite silver wirework. Her photography is extremely accomplished, and her Folksy shop is just lovely - visit it here.

Rachel of Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs also gave me a Sunshine Award. Rachel's blog is a font of fantastic information (particularly on Etsy matters) and a feast for the eyes! I met Rachel in Ilkley at one of my first ever craft fairs in October - such a lovely person, and boy, does she know how to dress a stall!

My thanks also go to Kate of Glamourpuss News! I met Kate back in November at the Bruntcliffe School Christmas Fayre. Kate commissioned me to make Glamourpuss, and since then she has been coming up with wonderful ideas for more creations, usually whilst hoovering! Kate has some very exciting plans on the go - follow her blog to find out more as it happens!

On 21 January, Found on Folksy gave me a Sunshine award too. Found on Folksy is a blog dedicated to promoting handmade items on Folksy. Run by the peerless Glassprimitif and the delightfully named Aleximo Croissant, this is a great website for all things to be found on Folksy (and hence the name), and we owe a great deal to Jo and Alex for tirelessly creating such lovely inspirational collections!

On 26 January, I was delighted to find another award from Leigh Shepherd Designs. I've met Leigh a couple of times now (and she won't remember the first time because I was a customer at The Stalls market in Saltaire last year, before Quernus Crafts was ever dreamed up!) - she's a lovely person who makes the most unusual creative works with paper and resin. If you're looking for a unique gift, it's definitely worth visiting her Folksy shop!

Last, but by no means least, Claire of Black Cats Whiskers gave my blog a Sunshine Award just a few days ago, on 5 February. Claire only started up her blog this year and she works full-time, but she has still managed to create a lovely blog, and she's started a weekly interview series with fellow Folksy sellers! She is dedicated to celebrating the Folksy community, and I so appreciated her recent discussion thread in asking people to name a great shop on Folksy. Not only was it a lovely way to celebrate the amazing talent on Folksy, but Claire also sent a message to each seller telling them when their shop had been mentioned!

As this post is rather lengthy, I'll write a separate one for my 12 Sunshine Award winners!

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