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Governor, Bob and Runty (b.6 January 2010)

Hot on the heels of Oliver and Nell, I made up three more cats at the request of Beth (who also commissioned the Antelope). From left to right, meet Runty, Bob and Governor.

I was looking forward to trying out the same feather cane technique for Bob,who has a white bib and a white diamond on his head, and it really does work well for blending in large patches of colour.

I made Governor and Runty by the same cane technique as Oliver, ie by chopping up a number of different colours (and for both cats, I used a silver effect clay to get an extra sparkle in their coats). After making them, I wondered whether the feathering technique would work for stripes.

So meet Governor and Runty Mk II! For these two kittens, I made up two feathered canes, interlacing the body colour with a lighter and darker colour for each cat. Runty (the darker gray one) has longer fur, and so I tried to convey this with the feathered cane. However, I think the contrasting clay was just a bit too contrast-y in the end.

The technique worked a little better with Governer, the paler grey cat, and you are can see the stripes better from this shot:

I will work on this technique more because I do feel this is the way to get a more realistic fur effect. More to follow once I'm back in the country from California (I'm going out there next week - yay!)

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