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Off on my hols

10 January 2010

Well, I'm heading off to California for a week - the plan is to travel down to London tomorrow and fly out on Tuesday. Fingers crossed the weather and/or extra security checks don't throw a spanner in the works!

I get back on 19 January, but feel free to get in touch if you have any questions before then. I've closed my Folksy and Etsy stores for the week, but I've been making lots of Valentine Kittens in preparation for coming back (I sold my first one on 10 January!)

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a very special series of small abstract panels, and I'll be posting more information about them when I get back. Suffice it to say I'm very excited by them, and I've got all sorts of plans going forward. As I seem to be fond of saying, watch this space!

Goodbye y'all - see you in a week's time!


  1. Have a lovely time! And hopefully you Ginger Kitty badge will be sitting, waiting for you on the doorstep when you get home! :D

  2. Thanks Emily! The Ginger Kitty badge was indeed waiting for me when I got back this evening - thanks so much! He's just incredibly cute!