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Custom Wee Horses (b.10 January 2010)

Meet the new additions to the Quernus Custom Stables - from left to right, Keona, Chelsea and Oscar. These beautiful horses are owned by Liz, who lives in York, and who sent me a message through the website on Friday. She then emailed me some photographs, and I had lots of fun making them up. I haven't made up a white horse before, and I spent some time working out the best way to get the colour right. That might sound strange for a white horse, but white horses are never truly white...

In the end, I did make the white horse out of white clay, but I made the mane out of ivory, and added grey to the inside of his ears. I also gave him a grey muzzle and nostrils, ensuring that the blaze went down to the end of his nose. Overall, I think the end result works well.

Keona, on the left, is a Haflinger, a breed of horse I hadn't heard of before. Similar to a palomino, her coat is a richer, slightly darker, honeyed colour, but still with the pale mane and tail. She has a grey-ish muzzle and dark hooves. I took my time mixing the right colour for her coat, and in the end, this was a mix of tan and white, with a couple of pinches of orange and brown.

From the photographs, Chelsea looks like a right character! He is a dark bay, and hasn't actually turned out quite as dark as he looks in the photographs. He has a lovely white star on his forehead, and again I spent a bit of time mixing the right colour for his coat, going for chocolate brown with pinches of black and red.

Working with colour is something which really interests me, and I recently bought a new book on the subject - Polymer Clay Colour Inspirations by Haunani and Maggio. It looks indepth at the science of colour, with lots of exercises to experiment yourself. I can't wait to get stuck in - I really want to understand how colours work together, and up until now, I've been going more on instinct than theory. Ideally, I'd like to use both.

Anyway, I am really enjoying making up Custom Wee Horses - I now have a listing for these on my Folksy shop - and already I've been contacted by Pam in Brechin asking for a couple of Wee Horses and a Donkey! I have to say I'm really looking forward to having a go at the latter, and I'll get started when I get back from the States.


  1. Hi Kirsten,
    I've given you a Sunshine blog award! See my blog for details ~

    I've also put one of your cute badges on my blog but when I tried to contact you on your contact page it kept telling me I'd got the code bit wrong (but I hadn't!) Let me know if you'd like my shop badge code :D

    Tracy x

  2. I've given you a sunshine blog award too!
    check my blog for details as well.

  3. Just back from my hols! And what a lovely surprise to come back to - thanks to you both!

    Kirsten x

  4. Haha, that makes three! I have awarded you with a 'Sunshine Award' on my blog too. Take a look ;) http://glamourpussnews.blogspot.com

    How was America? Hope you took lots of photos for us all to see. Am loving the wee horses, especially the rear picture with the bums all lined up! Has given me an idea for another custom order :) (The horses that is, not the bums!)

    Kate x