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The Mouse Nativity Part 2 (23 November 2010)

25 November 2010
To follow up on my last post, I am delighted to show you the beautiful stable that a good friend of mine, Glenda, has made for the Mouse Nativity! It's just incredible - so much attention to detail, and so utterly perfect! She's going to make these as part of the Mouse Nativity set which will go on sale early next year, and will be sold a piece per month so you can collect the set in time for Christmas!

The stable was bare..
You really have to see this stable up close and personal to appreciate the attention to detail. From the thatched roof (made from fine broom bristles), to the log panelling, the straw on the floor, and (my personal favourite) the little raised lost platform with ladder that is just perfect for Wee Angel Mouse to sit on!

I will be displaying the full Mouse Nativity with Stable at the Victorian Christmas Craft Fayre at Rotherham Minster this weekend - I can't wait to show it off! All that's missing is a star, so I will make one in time for the weekend.

Glenda is a genius at all things creative, and has published a couple of books on Celtic woodcarving (which you can check out here and here). She also paints, draws, makes cards, and just about everything in between. And now she makes wee stables for Mouse Nativities!

More news to follow shortly for those interested in buying the Mouse Nativity.


  1. It is wonderful nativity scene! Great stable! My favourite is definitely the angel though :)

  2. Your nativity is so beautiful! you have inspired me to start using fimo again :) I have a question though, how do you get all your characters so smooth? and how come mine keep getting fluff in them! Thanks ✿